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Golden State Stimulus: 2.5M Californians have received their $600 checks. How can you get yours?

"More than 2.5 million California Golden State Stimulus payments worth $1.6 billion have gone out for eligible people in the state who have already filed their tax returns. Many others can expect theirs after filing their taxes."

Another wave of stimulus checks is making their way into the bank accounts of millions of Californians!

If you filed your taxes in the State of California for the 2020 tax year and EITHER received the California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITCt) OR filed with an ITIN & made $75,000 or less, you should be expecting a Golden State Stimulus check!

If you qualify for the Golden State stimulus payment, you will need to file your 2020 tax return. If you qualify for the CalEITC, make sure you claim it on your return.

Even though Tax Day has passed, there is still time to file and amend your taxes.

Visit to see if you qualify and please visit to get help receiving your Golden State Stimulus!

How will you receive your check? Use the table below to help guide you.


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