$mart Money for $uccess

ATCAA offers FREE classes for anyone who would like to learn more about budget and debt management, credit scores, fair debt collections, reducing housing expenses and making your money work for you. This course provides tools to assist in achieving financial goals by creating realistic budgets and strategies for long-term financial stability. It teaches concepts on spending behavior, money challenges and how to set goals. Other topics include:

  • Repairing credit damage;

  • Budgeting;

  • Credit Reports;

  • Fair Housing;

  • Landlord-Tenant Relationships.


Call or email to register. Email: Angela Beck at abeck@atcaa.org | Phone: (209) 533-1397, Ext. 290






Due to COVID, in-person classes and classes for Amador and Calaveras residents are on hold. We are working to expand our virtual courses. Please call for more information.



All classes are free. Refreshments provided! Call today and register for any of the classes below!

To reserve your space for all areas and times listed below, call the number associated with the class location you wish to attend. 

Amador schedule and location

All classes are 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

2021 - On hold.


Kennedy Meadows Apt. complex
Rental office conference room
701 New York Ranch Rd., Jackson, CA.

Call Kate Murphy at 209-223-1485 x223 

Calaveras schedule and location

All classes are 1:00 PM -3:00 PM

2021 on hold.


Health and Human Services Building, Room 116
509 E. St. Charles Street @ Highway 49, San Andreas, CA.

call Kate Murphys at 209-223-1485 x223 


Tuolumne County Schedule and Location

2021 - Virtual only. See dates and times above.


ATCAA Service Center, 3rd Floor Conference Rm.

427 N. Highway 49, Sonora, CA.

Call Angela Beck at 533-1397, Ext.290


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Course Dates (Adult):

January 13, 10pm - 12pm

February 18, 10am -12pm

March 11, 10am -12pm

April 7, 10am -12pm

May 5, 10am -12pm

June 2, 10am -12pm

July 28, 10am -12pm

August 11, 10am -12pm

September 15, 10am -12pm

October 6, 10am -12pm

November 10, 10am -12pm

December 8, 10am -12pm

High School Senior Course Dates:

January 14, 1pm - 3  pm

February 24, 1pm - 3  pm

March 17, 1pm - 3  pm

April 8, 1pm - 3  pm

May 6, 1pm - 3  pm

June 29, 1pm - 3  pm

July 29, 1pm - 3  pm

August 12, 1pm - 3  pm

September 16, 1pm - 3  pm

October 7, 1pm - 3  pm

November 17, 1pm - 3  pm

December 9, 1pm - 3  pm