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Friday Night Live

California Friday Night Live (FNL) programs are all about empowering students and discovering the power of their voice!

What is Friday Night Live?

Tuolumne County Friday Night Live (FNL) Partnership serves as your students' passport to a dynamic realm of fun, learning, and holistic development; as well as alcohol and substance prevention. These youth-lead, youth-focused programs provide a unique opportunity for exploration by seamlessly integrating diverse, equitable educational and skill-building activities into students' school schedules or after school activities. Students have the chance to connect with inspiring mentors, discover new interests, and forge lasting friendships.


Don't miss out on the chance to transform your students’ experience into a memorable adventure of growth and exploration, all while actively contributing to the prevention of alcohol and substance use. Tuolumne County FNL works closely with the YES Partnership, a community collaborative of over 30 community representatives dedicated to healthy families and the prevention of drug, alcohol and child abuse that organizes and aids in numerous programs, activities and events.

Want to join Tuolumne County FNL? There's a group for you!

Gold Rush Charter Country School

FNLK (5th-6th grades)

Club Live (7th-8th grades)

Wednesday Lunch

Columbia Elementary School

Club Live (7th-8th grades)

Thursday Leadership Elective Collaboration

Jamestown Elementary School

Club Live (7th-8th grades)

Tuesday/Thursday Leadership Elective Collaboration

EPIC Youth Coalition
(Separate Group)

9th-12th grades

Meets monthly

Click here to learn more

Gold Rush Charter Country School

FNL (all grades)

Tuesday/Wednesday Leadership Elective Collaboration

Summerville Elementary School

FNLK (5th-6th grades)

Wednesday Afterschool Program

Dario Cassina High School

FNL (9th-12th grades)

Thursday/Friday Lunch

Curtis Creek Elementary School

Club Live (7th-8th grades)

Monday Lunch Period

Summerville High School

FNL (9th-12th grades)

Thursday Lunch Period

Tuolumne Me-Wuk Youth

Club Live/FNL (7th-12th)

We are in the process of onboarding many more programs throughout the school year and beyond!

Starting mid-January we will be launching a Friday Night Live All-High-School Collaborative Group, focusing on community engagement projects! Stay tuned for more information.

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FNL Youth Mentoring

Help us make a positive impact on Tuolumne County Youth!

FNL Mentoring provides opportunities for young people to be in ongoing, mutually beneficial, caring relationships, which strengthen a young person’s resiliency to challenges in life. The FNL model engages teams of older high school-aged youth to mentor teams of middle school-aged youth in a structured ongoing one-on-one relationship. Counties that participate in Mentoring adhere to certain quality assurance standards while maintaining local creativity, energy and self-determination.

FNL Mentoring Programs...

  • Introduce young people to the concept of volunteerism.

  • Encourage young people to develop programs that are fun and meaningful!

  • Promote messages through shared experiences.

  • Encourage peer-oriented programming (youth-driven and youth-led).

  • Develops skills, such as communication, teamwork, and active listening.

  • Encourage and empower young people as active leaders and community resources.

  • Have broad appeal to diverse ethnic, racial and social groups.

  • Encourage youth to engage in mutually beneficial relationships with peers and younger youth.

The Youth Experience Art Competition

Check out our The Youth Experience Art Competition that showcases art from Tuolumne County Youth! 15 different schools participated in the competition and contributed a variety of mediums including photography, sculpture, paintings, drawings, and more! This project was a collaboration between Friday Night Live, Tuolumne County Arts, and the Sonora Chamber of Commerce. We truly appreciate community partners' support in this effort.


Vote for your favorite art submission by clicking here! Voting ends on April 19.

Meet the Team

Click through the slides to meet the team that makes Tuolumne County Friday Night Live happen!


Please contact us for more information: 

Tiffany Rizzo-Weaver: 

Victoria Smith:

Linde Shiery:  

YES Partnership Director

Bob White:

(209) 533-1397 x291

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