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Summerville Bears
Campus Action Group

Who We Are

The Friday Night Live Summerville Bears Campus Action Group has been working together since mid-February 2022 when COVID protocols allowed. Our goal is to stop the spread of vaping on Summerville High School's campus.

The idea to focus on vaping education outreach almost immediately came about after some students were busted for vaping in the bathrooms, when group members began sharing common experiences about wanting to use the bathrooms but finding it a real challenge because so many were being used as clandestine de facto vaping lounges. Group members also expressed frustration at how many people including youth did not seem to realize all the other negative aspects of vaping despite it having a reputation of being a harmless de-stress activity. This led to a group decision to research more about vaping, conduct a poll to get a baseline of Summerville students’ basic thoughts and beliefs about vaping, and to provide outreach education to help students understand why vaping is “not” cool.

Stop Vaping Today

If you don't already vape - don't start! If you do vape, you can get help today by visiting

Kick It CA's website has everything from coaches to help you quit, personalized quitting programs, tobacco product information, and many other resources. 

As the tobacco industry is actively marketing its vaping materials and fruit and candy flavored products in order to appeal to and “hook” this generation of youth, “big money” tobacco lobbyers and supporters are also attempting to block the enactment of state laws passed banning the sale of flavored tobacco products by bringing the issue to the November 2022 ballot.


To ensure protective restrictions and and enact the ban, the group urges voters to support the ban by voting YES on California Flavored Tobacco Products Ban Referendum.


Students In Action

The Friday Night Live Summerville Bears Campus Action Group has worked hard to understand the current state of vaping on campus and put together an anti-vaping campaign to educate their fellow students about the harmful risks of vaping. This anti-vaping campaign includes flyers posted across campus, a radio ad campaign and a blog to address the serious adverse effects of vaping.

Polling the Student Population

The five-question poll to understand vaping on Summerville High School's campus was administered on April 27, 2022. A total of 116 students participated, providing a 27% response rate. Here are the results:

Presentation of Poll Results
Media Outreach

The Friday Night Live Summerville Bears Campus Action Group has made a variety of outreach efforts. From posters across campus to a local radio ad campaign, the students have been reaching out to emphasize the risks associated with vaping.

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Anti-Vaping Mental Health Flyer
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Radio Ads
Vote YES SB 743FNL Bears
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Kick It JingleFNL Bears
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Published Blog

The Friday Night Live Summerville Bears Campus Action Group wrote a blog that MyMotherlode published about their research on local teens' views on vaping, the risks of vaping, and how concerned citizens can take action.

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Let’s Work Together

If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you.

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