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Stories from those who we serve




These are some of our successes in our fight to eliminate homelessness…

A disabled senior contacted our office for assistance. She lost her home to foreclosure in 2012. She had been staying with her daughter and her family. She had been on the low‒income wait list for four years. Her daughter had her second child and needed the room she was using for the new baby. Around the same time she got the call from one of the complexes in Sonora stating they had an apartment for her. She called to see if there was any help ATCAA was able to give her. We were able to pay her deposit and first months’ rent. She was very thankful to have her independence back and that she was able to buy food to fill the pantry in her new place.


Another story to share…

After losing housing when his mother passed away, divorced 42‒year old father of (2) teenage children has been able to reunite with his estranged 38‒year old disabled wife and her small child in order to work on continuing reunification.  The combined income of Disability, Cash Aid and employment search with the help of CalWORKs and is currently has a volunteer cooking position at an area restaurant with possibility of developing into employment, shows potential for establishing sustainable housing. The father advised, “The children are so excited about having mommy and daddy back together again!”


More success stories…

  • Living in an uninhabitable residence with no heat and raw sewage in the back yard, 28‒year old single mother and 2‒year old son moved into a local hotel for several weeks and started working with CalWORKs to find employment which she has done with In-home Support Services. With the help of a Housing Stabilization Program (HSP) grant, this mother found placement in low‒income housing. With employment and affordable housing established, this small family is well on its way to a sustainable life. The mother stressed, “I couldn’t have done it without the help of your grant!”

  • A single father with a 10-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son came to the shelter after a family break up. The father had no job. His children were able to stay in the same school and maintained straight A’s on their report cards through their stay at the shelter. The father found a 1-week training class to join the union for employment. He graduated the class and was hired immediately for a great job. He was able to save enough money to rent a place for him and his children with the help from ATCAA

  • A mother and father with their (4) children ages: 10, 9, 8 and 6 who came to the shelter after the father lost his job. They had been unable to pay their rent and lost their apartment. They tried staying in motels but soon ran out of money. They managed to keep their children in school. The father was able to find a great job while the mother searched every day to find an affordable place to live. After applying for (6) rentals they finally got approved for a home and were able to move in with the help of ATCAA.

 Has ATCAA had an impact on your life? We'd love to hear and share your story. 


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